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You can make your voice heard by becoming more politically active. You'll find resources and website links to help you get involved locally or nationally.

We've separated the resources into 3 sections: Educate, Participate and Celebrate.

The Educate section explains elections and voting, and shows how women fought for the right to vote in the UK.

The Participate section shows how you can make a change about things that matter to you.

The Celebrate section has ideas about how you can get involved in events and activities marking 100 years since women got the vote.


Watch this 2 minute video - it explains elections and the voting system in the UK.

Voting and elections can seem complicated if you're not familiar with them. Why not run an election with your group to see how voting works?

The Democracy Club website explains where you can vote, and who you can vote for. Visit the website to find out more.

You can use your vote to elect someone who represents you and your community, but this hasn't always been the case. Before 1918 women weren't able to vote in the UK. The Representation of the People Act changed this, as women won the right to vote in elections. This happened after women took part in the suffrage movement, which was a campaign for women to have an equal say in democracy.

Learn about the women involved in the suffrage movement in these videos.

Read this fact file to learn more about the hard won campaign of women involved in the suffrage movement.

Over 100 years ago, the women involved in the suffrage movement changed the lives of women all over the UK. There are still women today using their voices to campaign for change. Download the inspirational women cards to read about women who have used their voices for change.

Becoming more politically engaged is much better with a cup of tea and a room full of people who are just getting started too! Why not organise a Voicebox Cafe or go along to an Equaliteas session?

Are you planning on running an Educate VoiceBoxCafe? Download this PDF for some ideas of how to run your session.


Participation is using your voice to change something you care about.

Your local MP is the person who represents you and your community in Parliament, which is where decisions and laws are made. Find the MP for your local area, as well as information about how to contact them using the following links:

You can easily find an send a message to your MP at this website. Tell them they're doing a great job, or let them know if there's something you're not happy about.

If you have a problem that you'd like to change, you could start a petition. Starting a petition means collecting signatures of people who agree with you, to let the government know about your problem.

Watch this video to find out more about how to create a petitions.

You can create a paper petition or an online petition.

Creating an online, or e-petition is a great way of getting spreading the word, and getting lots of people to see your petition.

Use this website to start an online or e-petition.

If your petition is about a local issue, you might want to create a paper petition, and collect signatures in your local area.

You can use the template and guide below to get started.

Download the Speak for Yourself booklet. It tackles the myths about politics, what it is and who it's for.

Are you thinking of running a Participate VoiceBox Cafe? Download this PDF for ideas on how to run your session.


There's still a lot to celebrate 100 years on from women winning the right to vote. Celebrating comes in lots of shapes and sizes - take a look at some of the ways you could celebrate below!

During 2018 there are events happening all over the country. Why not take a friend or relative along to one that's happening near you?

Are you thinking of running a Celebrate VoiceBox Cafe? Download this PDF for ideas on how to run your session.