Money My Way - Unexpected events

Even if you're very good at managing your money, an unexpected event can mean that you find yourself with less money or more to pay out than usual. On this page, you'll find loads of useful links to tools and resources that will help you cope with things you didn't expect to happen. These events are split into categories to help you find the information you need as easily as possible.


Homelessness can come in many forms and can happen for a variety of reasons. Whether you've found yourself without a roof over your head, or you're having to sleep on a friend's sofa, having no fixed home can be very stressful and upsetting.

If you find yourself having to leave home due to domestic abuse, Victim Support and Refuge are two useful websites you can use. Victim Support offer local, national and specialist services for those who are victims of domestic violence and wider abuse, and Refuge support women and children trying to escape abusive homes. The NHS Choices website also has advice and guidance for victims of domestic abuse.

If you've been evicted or are faced with possible eviction in the near future, the GOV.UK website has information about local services for you.

No Second Night Out is an organisation with a helpline available for those sleeping rough in London. The Whitechapel Centre offer this service in Liverpool and StreetLink will direct alerts to the correct local authority across England.

Shelter and Crisis are two national organisations who provide advice to homeless people around the country. Both websites have really useful information for those who have found themselves without a comfortable roof over their head.

The YMCA are the largest provider of safe, supported accommodation for young people in England.

White Goods/Household Emergencies

Even if you're really good at managing your money, broken white goods can be really expensive to replace.

The Freecycle Network is a website where you can find all sorts of second hand goods, for free! It's an online community where people can give unwanted items to people who need them, rather than chucking them away. Have a look, you might find something useful!

Gumtree is another listings website. Although you might find some things being given away for free, most people use Gumtree to sell things they no longer need.

Redundancy and Reduced Hours

Sudden redundancy or reduced hours can make it difficult to budget how you'd like to. The Learn My Way website has a Finding a Job Online subject that will help you to find a new job if you need it.

Turn2us are a charitable organisation that could help you find extra benefits, grants or financial support to help you if you're struggling with money.

The Money Advice service has advice and guidance to refer to if you're facing redundancy or reduced hours at work.

Session Plan For Tutors

If you're a tutor, you might find it useful to use the session plan below to support this topic.