Money My Way - Shopping

Changing the way you shop could save you a lot of money. Whether it's spending less on your groceries or getting a better deal on your car insurance, looking around for cheaper options can make a big difference. This page will give you an opportunity to find deals and discounts online, as well get tips on how you could change how you shop to save money!

Task 1: Why shop online?

Start by thinking about the types of things you could buy online. Think about clothes, groceries, technology... After you've thought of a few things, try typing them into a search engine to check if you really can buy them online.

Task 2: Shopping Online Course

Next, you can try this short course about shopping online. You'll learn how to search for and order things online, how to pay for things online and all about security measures and laws that protect you when you shop online.

Task 3: Completing Online Forms

A lot of online shops have accounts you need to sign up for before buying things, or payment forms you have to fill in. This course will take you through the basics of filling in online forms, and will give you a chance to practise the skills you learn.

Task 4: Comparison Websites

Comparison websites help you to browse the internet for the cheapest prices. Some examples of comparison websites are Go Compare, Compare the Market and Why not try them out?

Session Plan For Tutors

If you're a tutor, you might find it useful to use the session plan below to support this topic.