City and Guilds

Completing the online assessment will give you an award in Online Basics (1 credit at Entry Level 3 on the ITQ).  

To complete the one hour online assessment, you'll need to show you have three of the key skills that are so important when using the internet: 

The assessment is a great place to start - and as well as being great for your CV, it will also help you to progress to other things that might interest you.

You must do the online assessment in an Online Centre which is also a City & Guilds assessment centre. Please ask your tutor if you are eligible to take this assessment.  

If you're a tutor and you want to know about how your centre can deliver the City & Guilds online assessment by becoming accredited through the Online Centres supercentre, please visit the accreditation page.  

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If your centre has registered to be a Online Centres City & Guilds assessment centre, your tutor can take you to the online assessment page now.

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